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Beyond the obvious financial considerations label printers are frequently faced with unique and difficult technical issues when taking on new projects. Whether it's an existing customer looking to upgrade graphics or a potential client requiring additional equipment purchases a great deal can be gained by pre-testing a process. Telstar Engineering can help fill this information gap with its in-house test press featuring key decorating units from its wide range of retrofits and converting options.


Telstar's test press features the major decorating/converting retrofits that can be engineered to fit on virtually any new or existing press brand.


Offered at reasonable rates complete with our experienced press operator, the full-frame Telstar engineered press is equipped to run a variety of decorating and converting modules.  For example, Telstar's leading hot stamp unit is available for testing of various tools including brass, aluminum and magnetic dies. The flexo station interchanges with the Telstar's rotary screen unit and accommodates screens from several manufacturers.




Telstar's “ServoGenius” technology along with its excellence in unwind/re-wind and register/re-register serve to keep the testing process focussed on your specific issues.   Telstar helps printers decide if their existing press equipment is up to the challenge of a new technology. Others have brought clients in to see how a new performance upgrade can add new graphic effects to their labels. The press is typically used before shipping one of our completed retrofit units to a customer for installation.


While this successful Hot Melt Pattern Print System is a Telstar exclusive  strict confidentiality agreements preclude revealing details. The customer shipped a great deal of their supportive equipment just so the installation would be proven prior to installation on their parent press.


If you have a project and need more information prior to making a serious investment, call Tom Kirtz at Telstar Engineering … 952-890-9440. You will know a lot more about your project's potential for success and your plans and projects will be our best kept secret.


It's a promise.


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