Telstar Helps Serious Printers Unwind & Rewind


Our website features 22 tech sheets describing just some of our successful retrofit equipment installations we have designed and engineered for virtually any brand of label press. See why serious printers everywhere choose Telstar to upgrade their press performance with reliable, efficient custom engineered retrofit systems.


Telstar's Closed-Loop Tension Unwind On Rails Unwinds Either Right or Left

Telstar’s self-contained Closed-Looped Tension Unwind is ideal when supplying thin film laminates and secondary webs with precisely controlled tension values. Tension set-points as low as 4# are achievable with this unit. Features include lateral adjustment of plus / minus.50” from the centered position. The design allows unwinding in either direction with the web leaving to the left or to the right. Carriage mounted on a rail kit or bridge mount anywhere within a printing/converting process.


Telstar 24” Diameter Closed-Loop Unwind Mounted on Overhead Rails

This Telstar Unwind unit features 24” diameter roll capacity with Closed-Looped Tension Control and Lateral Adjustment. It is self-contained with various mounting options.


Telstar’s Dual Portable Unwind

Our popular mobile unit rolls into position where outboard leveling screws keeps it in place. Lateral adjustment of plus- minus 1/2 inch is built into each airshaft. Designed to supply rolls between 4” and 24” wide and up to 24” diameter, the Portable Unwind Unit can be used as a primary unwind to achieve longer runs or to introduce multiple webs to a printing/converting process. Tension is manually set through a multi-puck brake on each spindle.  Putting it to work at press is made easy with a compressed air connection. Units can be manufactured to deliver the left-to-right as shown, or right-to-left per customer request.


Telstar’s Self-Contained Rewind Mounts Anywhere

Base mount, bridge mount, or rail-mount this self-contained unit onto your press or converting line. The Multi-Puck Pneumatic Clutch and Variable Speed Drive allows a broad range of rewind tension. Custom engineered models are available from 10” to 20” wide that wind up to 24” diameter.


Telstar’s Multi-Lane Unwind

Our Multi-Lane Unwind is ideal for narrow ribbons of magnetic stripe, foil, or reinforcement tape. Lanes are individually tensioned with a mechanical brake arm assembly. Grooved Teflon blocks ride over the edge of a backer plate providing lane guiding and very light tension. Lanes can be spaced as close as 1” apart.


There’s Always Room for More! Telstar’s 40” Unwinds with Half-Turn Bars Installed for

Maximum Use of Shop Space

Two Telstar 40” diameter Unwind Stands supply laminates to the parent web.  The Unwinds include a Roll Lift, Splice Table, Closed-Looped Tension, Web Transport Bridge, and Half-Turn Bars to bring the laminate web to its respective  nip. All rolls run near 1:1 with the primary web and vastly improve press throughput.


Remanufactured/Trade-In  Rotary Screen Special

We recently took this 13” servo driven Telstar Rotary Screen Unit in trade from a customer upgrading to a new unit with expanded features. It has been completely refurbished and detailed to add fresh performance to your press …


  • Frame-Up detailing & inspection of all parts
  • Replacement of gears and bearings as needed
  • 500 WPI UV System tested on our Telstar Test Press
  • Ready for Telstar CAD-To-GO Onsite, Pre-Install, Engineering
  • Install on any label press brand, bridge mount or rail mount
  • Accepts Gallus, Kocher-Beck, Lebanon Valley & Stork screens


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