Boost Your Press Performance with Telstar CAD-To-GOTM Onsite Engineering


This is a great time to have Telstar take a good look at ways to make your label manufacturing equipment work harder, smarter, and more profitably. Our CAD-To-GO™ on-site engineering and consulting service has helped our serious customers achieve new levels of efficiency with the widest array of decorating and performance retrofit systems.  We plan your installation process for minimal downtime, usually under four hours. With Telstar technology and experience working with virtually any press brand, new or veteran, we consider everything from the individual print project demands to your press room space. Imagine station-to-station, press-to-press portability without sacrificing a print station. Placing new capabilities on bridges and rails, turning corners to optimize end-of-the press opportunities, or stretching your equipment for including major new converting functions.  Cold foil, rotary die and screen units, off-line stand-alone machines, unwinds, rewinds, nip rollers, interprint and rotary die stations, UV rotary letterpress and flexo, hot stamping, conveyors, and Cast & Cure. Telstar has it all.

Telstar’s self-contained Multi-Decorating Unit™ provides cold foiling capability, spot UV flexo printing, spot or flood varnish printing, wet UV laminating, and self-wound PS laminating. There is also an interchange Rotary Screen Unit that easily switches out with the flexo deck.  Rail mounting allows maximum job sequencing with ease.


Servo Conversions Are Key to Press Sustainability

The many Servo Retrofit installations that we have performed bring veteran mechanical presses up to date with digital automation that provides great examples of this smart application.


Retrofit mechanical to servo drive & be first at the finish with new converting capabilities on your existing equipment. The power of Telstar’s Servo Genius™ driven technology can turn your existing presses into “the right equipment for the job.”  Now you can add custom converting machines to your shop to fulfill a wide range of customer demands. As an industry leader in the application of servo controls for press management, Telstar continues to refine and discover new improvements to this critically competitive production component.  Telstar extends the life & improves press performance with custom configured servo systems.  Now you can keep pace with the competition by offering Digital Finishing Plus Register / Re-Register and more!


Automation Is Inevitable!

Waiting for Label Expo Americas 2021?


So are we! Yes, we have signed up for a great new booth space 401 in anticipation of a busy show. But meanwhile it is business almost as usual at Telstar with new orders and estimates for new systems being requested weekly if not daily. We are busy and apparently so are serious printers meeting new demands. So, for the time being we recommend you use our website as our Expo Booth and meet us on the telephone. We would love to hear from you to learn your plans and just a friendly chat. Please call anytime to share ideas for your busy future.