Extended Content Labels (ECLs) Extended Forecast:


Telstar’s Plow Fold Installations Stay Strong In 2020


Telstar Is First In Line, Ready To Fulfill the Growing Demand for Plow fold Retrofits


2019 was a banner year for the growing demand for ECLs (Extended Content Labels) and 2020 promises to continue the trend. Consumer and regulatory compliance need for more product use and application information is driving this new profit opportunity for serious label printers. As it becomes more and more common to see booklet and mini-brochures

directly attached to everything from pharmaceuticals and household products as well as things like paint, tools and even toys, the list gets longer daily.


Imagine All the Exciting Projects You Can Win with Extended Content Labels

While ECLs can provide valuable usage information, details for proper product application and warnings, they also add room for multiple languages. Then, of course, there is the

constant demand for marketers to create eye-catching graphics, value added offers, instantly redeemable coupons and helpful tips for getting the most from a purchase. The

range of Telstar’s Plow Fold Production units stand out in the industry.


Telstar’s “Star of the Show” Triple Plow-fold


We make it simple to do the complex work of producing multi-panel folded ECLs on your new or veteran press.

Our Popular Double Unit Is Ready for Any Press Brand


This Telstar Double Plow Fold installation shows our operator-friendly slide-out option allowing it to be parked behind the press when not needed for another job.

Start with a Single Plow Fold Unit Like This on a Mark Andy


Telstar is known for its precise engineering and durable press upgrade designs adding impressive performance to label presses worldwide.

  • Custom Engineered for Virtually Any Label Press Brand
  • Install Inline and on Rails or Bridge Mounts
  • Unique Slide-away Feature Boosts Press Efficiency
  • Proven Performance with Years of Daily Use
  • Cad-To-Go Pre-Installation Engineering for Minimal Downtime at Initial Set-up


And Consider Your Greater Profitability by Offering Telstar Retrofit Decorating Upgrades …


  • Hot and Cold Foil Graphics
  • Cast & Cure Holographics
  • Die Cut Shapes & Perforations
  • Laminations & Encapsulations
  • Pressure Sensitive Applications
  • Hot Melt & Heat Sealing
  • Patterned Adhesives
  • Digital Finishing
  • Offset, Flexo & Rotary Screen