Perform Precise Hot Melt Pattern Printing on Your Label Press


Only Telstar makes it possible with its custom engineered and installed retrofit units. We have met the growing demand for the application of highly accurate hot melt adhesives with the right units designed and manufactured for your most demanding jobs. To ensure system elements are proven prior to installation they can be operated for performance on our in-house test press.

The system shown here on our test press being thoroughly tested before shipment. Telstar’s “ServoGenius” technology along with its excellence in unwind/re-wind and register/re-register serve to keep the production process focused on your specific project requirements. The press is typically used to test many of our wide range of our retrofit units before shipping. This also aids in efficient installations at the customer’s location.

Telstar’s Hot Melt Pattern Printer on a 20” Mark Andy 4150 Press

Our Servo-Driven Stand-Alone units (shown above on a veteran MA-4150 and below on a recent Omet press) print patterns of hot melt adhesives at production rates to 250 FPM. Five heated zones are constantly monitored for consistency. Precision metering adjustment assures uniform coat weights up to 50 microns. The unit can be mounted to nearly any press or converting lin.

Telstar installed a press stretch in this Mark Andy 4150-20” press and added a DecoMod used primarily for cold foil applications.  Servo drive provides precise registration.  Outboard airshaft supports allow for large foil rolls at speeds approaching 500 FPM

This 22” Comco press has become a Hot Melt Adhesive Converting System with the addition of a Telstar engineered retrofit system by stretching the parent press.

Shipping News:


This Shingle Conveyor System will soon be collecting multiple streams of sheeted labels at 400 FPM.

Servo Conversion News:


The Conic Tension Control System on this Mark Andy press failed and there is no longer factory support for the Conic equipment.  We removed the Conic system replacing it with an Allen Bradley servo package to control the three tension zones..

The obsolete Conic equipment

New servo drives, all three zones

Up and running with precise control of all three zones