Multi-Decorator Is Telstar’s “All Star” Press Retrofit


It was just over fifteen years ago that Telstar Engineering introduced the label production industry to the multi-decorating press retrofit “DecoMod” unit. Since this breakthrough it has become this company’s most important business builder for serious label manufacturers looking for greater performance from their new and veteran equipment.  The unit can be mounted onto nearly any printing or converting line.

Telstar’s DecoMod™ is a servo-driven, self-contained UV flexo printer with an integrated unwind and rewind airshaft.  The unit can run cold foil, cast & cure holographics, UV spot colors, UV flood coats, spot & flood UV varnish, and laminating adhesives.  The servo package has auto and re-register capability including second pass operations. The stand-alone design allows portability along with the ability to mount on nearly any press or converting line.  Available 10” to 28” wide and up to 28” repeat.

This DecoMod unit features an integrated chill drum for processing thin films and heat sensitive materials.

Rail mounting provides added versatility and ease of sequencing.

Telstar installed a press stretch in this Mark Andy 4150-20” press and added a DecoMod used primarily for cold foil applications.  Servo drive provides precise registration.  Outboard airshaft supports allow for large foil rolls at speeds approaching 500 FPM.

Telstar’s DecoMod on this 22” Sanden web offset press stretch opened entirely new markets for this leading-edge printer.

Even more versatility can be achieved with the Rotary Screen Interchange Deck.  The Flexo inking unit simply slides off the back and is replaced with the UV Rotary Screen Module. An auxiliary impression roller attaches with two screws and the conversion is complete in a matter of minutes

Like all Telstar retrofit systems the Multi-Decorating Units are installed to the individual press brand and job demands. Using Telstar’s exclusive CAD-To-GO Onsite Engineering installations can be done on virtually any veteran or new label presses. Shop space utilization is also a highly considered factor along with future decorating possibilities and flexible press station placement. Telstar installs on rails, custom bridges and stretches of its own engineering design to make room for greater capabilities. Machines can be manufactured for 10” to 28” widths with up to 28” repeat.

Shipping News:


Two unwinds, a rewind, and nip roller units will be mounted onto Telstar designed rails of a 16” press to create a unique multi-web label.  All was pre-engineered with Cad-to-Go for a perfect fit and function with minimal press down time for installation.