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Telstar’s  Servo-Genius Is #1 in Delivering the Ultimate Auto & Re-register Upgrades

Your Press Can Become a Converting Powerhouse


Yes, we can turn mechanically driven presses into Servo managed systems that make adding converting retrofits within reach of your business goals. Our Servo Drive System enhances the profit potential of Telstar retrofits like Cast & Cure, Cold Foil, Flexo, Hot Foil, Hot Melt & Pattern Printing, Laminating, Rotary Screen, Rotary Die, our exclusive DecoMod Multi-Decorating System and Digital Finishing.


  • Installations for virtually any brand of press
  • CadToGo Onsite Pre-engineering
  • Minimal downtime installations
  • Upgrades for your valuable veteran presses
  • Enhancements to new equipment
  • Press operator friendly for ease of use
  • Touch-Screen Registration/Re-registration
  • Continuous information flow
  • Time-tested software
  • Minimizes waste


Instantly Available Commands for …

● Registration Mode - Reads and Corrects Tool Position for Each

   ○ Incoming Mark

● Ratio Mode - Make the Tool Run Faster or Slower Than the Actual

   ○ Web Velocity Incoming Mark

● Auto Ratio Mode - System Constantly Monitors, Analyzes and

   ○ Corrects at Register Marks to Maintain Register and

   ○ Automatically Adjusts the Drive Ratio

● Window-in Registration - Telstar’s System Focuses on Registration

   ○ Marks and Ignores Non-pertinent Information

● Multiple Screens - Screens are Available for Home, Setup,

   ○ Maintenance and Diagnostics at Your Command


Ask Telstar How You Cann Super-Charge Your Profits by Adding

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Our customer’s veteran press needed some cosmetic surgery so we tucked a retrofit nip assembly into their press system to enhance its performance capabilities. Telstar designed and manufactured this nip assembly to draw a web from an unwind stand and deliver it to a subsequent process. The accessible ON/Off selector with a regulator gauge controls nip pressure. The variable speed drive features a digital display calibrated to show the operating speeds up to 500 FPM. While Telstar usually does CadToGo® Onsite Engineering, in this case the printer shipped the press section to us so the new nip could be shipped for quick installation by the printer's staff. Add this and many other enhancements to your valuable equipment with a call to Telstar at 952-890-9440 now.

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