Sometimes it’s the Less Obvious Things That Count


If what you need is not on this list, just call….


  • Cold Foil
  • Chill Drums
  • Compensating Rollers
  • Crush-Cut, Shear-Cut & Razor Slitters
  • Rail Kits and Bridge Mounts
  • Die Hoists
  • Roll Lift Devices
  • Nip Assemblies, Pneumatic and Mechanical
  • Half and Full Web Turn-Bars, Loop Over Device
  • Rotary Screen
  • Auto Level Ink Pumps
  • Unwinds and Rewinds
  • Unwind Silencers
  • Servo Upgrades

Telstar Upgrades Clockwise from Upper Left:


  1. Keep jobs in-house with Telstar batching, shingling, and stacking conveyors.
  2. Stand-Alone Chill Drums prevent stretching, adhesive flow, and ink off-setting.
  3. Telstar tops all for Unwind and Rewind retrofit technology and installations.
  4. Servo Conversion Systems provides re-register and more on mechanical presses.
  5. Loop-Over Turn Bars place one label on top of another for instantly redeemable coupons
  6. Telstar’s Servo Nip solves tension issues for most printing and converting operations.


And there are so many more ways to boost your press performance at:


More States Are Returning to Paper Ballots

Because Paper Hacks the Hackers


  • Paper ballots can’t be hacked
  • Paper ballots provide a permanent record
  • Results can’t be changed digitally after the election
  • Recounts can’t be hacked to change the results
  • Digital software is not required which can become obsolete
  • Voters can photograph their paper ballot for future proof
  • We can trust that all ballots are the same
  • Paper votes can’t be shared electronically
  • Voters know exactly what choices they marked on their ballot
  • It’s just better technology for the purpose

A Telstar Die-Cutting Unit was successfully installed in-line for high volume ballot production


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