Finishing for Digital Printing Gets the “Telstar Touch”

This Month’s Telstar press Concept Configuration features a number of our engineered equipment modules that come together for a custom purpose. When digital printing requires special finishing processes we provide solutions like this die cutting and collection system. From the Festoon to the Shingle Conveyor our individual units come together to deliver such products requiring highly precise die impressions. This allows the production of roll to sheet jobs like ballots, business forms, and sheets of variable information peel away labels at speeds up to 400 FPM.  This 22” wide design is controlled by our color touch screen, PLC, servo powered nip and auto / re-register die station. Scrap is managed by a Waste Evacuation System and the added Die Hoist makes for safe and efficient die changes. The modular design allows for easy expansion to include lamination, varnish, decoration, on-serting, etc.  Make it your business to do more business with the advantage of Telstar Retrofit and Converting Technologies.

Shipping News


We do a lot of Unwinding & Rewinding at Telstar!

This self-contained Closed-Loop Tension Unwind is the ideal solution for supplying thin film laminates and secondary webs with precisely controlled tension values. Tension set-points as low as 4# are achievable from OD to core with this unit. Other features include lateral adjustment of plus / minus .50” from the centered position. The design allows for unwinding in either direction with the web leaving to the left or to the right. This can be carriage mounted on a rail or bridge mounted anywhere within a printing / converting process.


Yes, our April “SHIPPING NEWS” announced another Telstar custom engineered winding unit but this has become such an important product line for us that we must show you another for May. Due to the demand for precise web control on laminates, foils, and multi-web constructions we have developed the right equipment for these highly critical processes. Telstar’s long experience in engineering and manufacturing winders to retrofit onto any press brand is widely known among serious label printers and converters. Many take advantage of our portable units that can serve different presses within the same shop.

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