Telstar Retrofit Technology Applies RFID Capabilities

on New and Veteran Label Presses


Don't send it out. Keep the work and profits in house. Yes, your existing press equipment can apply RFID technology to bring greater profitability to your growing business.

These Telstar Tech Designs will show you how our RFID Application System can add a fresh production capability to virtually any label press brand. Shown first on a Mark Andy 2200 the Telstar unit is installed above the press for use when new business demands this added performance.

Perform new work for your existing customers while taking in work from other label producers needing RFID capability. Telstar's hard working OFFLINER Web Transport Systems give you a competitive edge in the ever expanding label technology market.

Who Is Using RFID Tracking & Why You Should Know About It


Who Is Using RFID Tracking & Why You Should Know About It


Here is a quick list of just a few of the businesses and industries already employing RFID tracking to their data gathering and security systems -


  • RETAIL – for inventory, theft control and product placement planning
  • MEDICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL – Patient, prescription and generic product tracking
  • CONSTRUCTION – Timber companies are even tracking from cutting to delivery
  • AUTOMOTIVE – Parts and performance history research and development
  • AGRICULTURE – Field to market information gathering
  • TRANSPORTATION – Managing delivery efficiencies
  • ENTERTAINMENT – Theme park and event crowd management
  • HOSPITALITY – Guest experience enhancement
  • FINANCIAL – High security demands tracking of documents and computers
  • FOOD PROCESSORS – Insuring safe, quality products reach markets


Ask Telstar Engineering how your press – Mark Andy, Nilpeter, Comco, Arpeco, KoPack, Sanjo, Didde, Aquaflex, Gallus, Sanden, MPS, Delta, Webtron, Omet and more can become a marketing powerhouse with TELSTAR'S EXCITING RETROFIT PRESS-ABILITIES!



Telstar Engineering designed and manufactured this Matrix Winder as a stand-alone unit for bridge or rail mounting on nearly any printing of converting line. The 1.5HP variable speed motor drives a pneumatic clutch with three independently selectable pressure pads for a wide variety of tension requirements. The motor is engineered at the top of the unit keeping the material roll as close to the floor as possible. An adjustable Capstan Pull Roller provides a constant draw on the waste matrix. The Telstar unit will wind up to 20” wide by up to 24” diameter at speeds to 500 FPM.

Serious printers know the importance of precise winding and unwinding for superior results. Telstar has engineered Unwinds, Re-winds and Unwind/Re-wind Combination units for virtually every brand of label press.

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