Telstar Engineering Turns Any New or Veteran Label Press Into a True Custom Converting System

Stretched Press Stretches Press Capabilitie


Here is another great example of how Telstar Engineering's retrofit experience can be applied to your existing label press. No matter what the brand (Mark Andy, Nilpeter, Allied, Comco, Delta, Sanki, Aquaflex, Webtron, KoPack, Sanjo, Gallus, Rotopress and more!) you can put Telstar retrofit modules to work creating a powerful custom converting machine. Imagine the new, profitable business you can earn from existing customers and the new clients you can attract. Consider the added potential and service you can get from your important press and staff resources. And, you get the advantage of Telstar's exclusive CadToGo Onsite engineering that makes installation a well-planned, speedy process to assure minimal downtime. Ask yourself, what can your press do that will improve our customer’s product and our service offerings? Ask, how can we grow our bottom line? Then call Telstar at 952-890-9440.

This Mark Andy press grew in length and power when Telstar designed a press and driveline stretch to add its eclusive multi-purpose Servo-Driven Multi-Decorator unit. It now runs Cold Foil and Cast & Cure holographic applications at speeds approaching 500fpm!

Telstar's stand-alone, servo-driven re-register flexo print module operates either left-to-right or right-to-left. It features enclosed chamber inking and auto throw-off at press stop with constant motion drive.

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