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Shipping News:  Hot Stamp is Hot at Telstar

Along with our expertise in developing and manufacturing equipment for the quality application of casting film holographic effects, Telstar has lead the field for years in the consistent and controlled results earned by printers using our hot stamping retrofit units. This 10 inch unit is custom engineered to be mounted on rails above a Nilpeter press and produce hot stamping within the print zone. Boxed and ready for installation and operation for years of reliable productioals


Re-Imagine Your Press and Imagine Your Profits!

  1. Introduce plain paper booklet stock from the press unwind and print on one side then turn the stock over and print the other side.
  2. Bring the printed web up to the folder between stations following the turn bar web path. Transport the web across the bottom idle rollers to the RD score unit. Trim off the bearer bars and excess stock and process the web through the Plowfold Unit making the required folds.
  3. Rewind or transport the trim across the top set of idle rollers on the folder to the matrix winder.
  4. Introduce a pressure sensitive web from the rewind end of the press using a closed-loop tension unwind. Print one color on this web and transport it to the creasing roller.
  5. Bring in a self-wound laminate from the press lamination tower and bring all webs together at the creasing roller. Transport the construction to die cutting to complete.


1.  This Universal Air Assisted Turn-Bar Assembly can be designed to fit nearly any press. The base mount features lateral adjustment of plus / minus .75 inches from the centered position. Units can be supplied with large diameter bars for turning heavy gauge stock.

2.  Telstar Single, Double and Triple Plowfold units can be custom engineered with our Slide-Back System to allow the use of the press for ongoing jobs that don't require folding. Just another way to maximize your valuable equipment.

3.  Base mount, bridge mount, or rail-mount this self-contained unit onto your press or converting line. The Multi-Puck Pneumatic Clutch and Variable Speed Drive allows for a broad range of rewind tension. Models are available from 10” to 20” wide that wind up to 24” diameter.

4.  This Portable Unwind Unit is capable of handling rolls to 24” diameter. It unwinds in either direction and the web can leave to the left or to the right with no changes to the unit. The Splice Table has Pneumatic Clamps and a Razor Slot to make it convenient for roll changes. The Unwind Brake has Multiple Pucks that can be switched on / off to accommodate rolls from 4” wide to full width. This is the ideal solution for introducing a web to a proces

Think of all the possibilities for marketing your capabilities by adding Telstar Plowfolding to your existing equipment. Coupons, booklets, extended content labels can all bring new business to your business while making your present customers satisfied they can get the work done by the company they've learned to count on and trust. It's amazing what we can do with veteran press equipment from virtually any brand to help make your shop grow and prosper.