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Let's Start with Those All-Important Press Plusses

Like Unwinds and Turnbars

The latest addition to our retrofit line is this new

Portable 24" Dual Unwind

This portable dual-spindle unwind unit rolls into place when needed and locks down with leveling screws. Connect an airline and it is ready to work. Each airshaft features built-in lateral adjust and will handle rolls to 24” diameter. Tension is manually set through a regulator and gauge. The unit is ideal for building multi-web constructions on printing and converting lines. It can also be designed to deliver the web right-to-left or eft-to-right demonstrating Telstar's ability to “Think like a printer.”


Telstar's Closed-Loop Tension Unwind Hits the Mark

Our self-contained retrofit module is ideal for supplying thin film laminates and secondary webs with precisely controlled tension values. Shown here on a veteran Aquaflex press it has set points as low as 4# while other features include lateral adjustment of plus/minus 0.5” from center position. Unwind in either direction with the web leaving either left or right. Notice the rail mounted Telstar Triple Plowfold on the right.


We Engineer Air-Assisted Turnbars for

Virtually any New or Veteran Press Brand

We custom engineer and install our Universal Air-Assisted Turnbar Assemblies to fit virtually any press brand. It's a great tool for increasing the performance of your valuable equipment and keeping it competitive.


Air-Assisted Half-Turn Bar

Telstar offers an ideal way to introduce a second web to a printing or converting operation. The roll stand remains on the floor for ease of loading large diameter rolls. Units are custom designed  to order, accommodating the requirements of the customer's process demands.


Our Loop-Over Turnbar is a Quick Way to

Make a Quick Turn on Any Press

Create instantly redeemable coupons or place one web on top of another by adding a Telstar Loop-Over Turnbar. Our compact design can be bridge mounted over two print units or clamped into the die slots of a die station. You can print two prime labels side-by-side with one being de-laminated, looped over and placed on top of the other within coupon tolerance alignment. Rotational adjustment plus our adjustable clamshell design, for final one-upon-the-other web placement, make Telstar Turnbars valuable retrofit opportunities at an affordable price.


Create a New Profit Center with a Telstar

Extended Content Label Plowfold Retrofit

Telstar engineers, manufactures, and installs Single, Double, and Triple Plowfold systems on virtually any press. Add to your bottom line by giving your sales staff exciting new multi-page coupon and extended content booklet label products to sell. Pre-Engineering allows installations to be quickly bolted inline, on rails, on slide-outs when not in use or even along-side your press with our added turnbar systems. No other company has achieved the level of success and production capabilities for this important aspect of today's information label demands.


This is Just a Start!


With our wide line of retrofit capabilities We Make Every Press a Telstar Press! Become a Converting Powerhouse by supercharging your valuable press equipment for peak performance. Check out our other retrofit units including Cast & Cure, Cold Foil, Conveyors, Flexo, Hot Foil, Hot Melt – Pattern Slot, Multi-Decorators, Nips-Laminating, Rewinds/Unwinds, Rotary Die, Rotary Screen, Servo Conversions

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