Loop-Over to Turn a Profit


Coupons also pay dividends for the printers who produce them, not just the end user. This fast growing category of the label printing business will allow you to reach new customers and achieve new profit goals. This modest looking Loop-Over Turnbar Retrofit upgrade contains powerful features you would never expect in such a compact, portable piece of equipment. It can be independently mounted or clamped into any press die station.

Print two prime labels side-by-side with one being de-laminated, looped over and place on top of the other within coupon tolerances.


Rotational adjustment, plus our unique adjustable clamshell design for placing one web on top of the other, make this unit a way to become competitive in the coupon market at an affordable price.


Easy to use and move station-to-station, press-to-press.

Add our optional bridge-mounted base unit to free up a die station making the process more operator accessible. The RD Score for separating the web in half prior to looping over is conveniently engineered to mount in the lower left corner of the frame.


And while you are thinking about winning those profitable coupon projects be sure to take a look at Telstar's successful Plowfold installations, the most sophisticated Booklet and Extended Content Label systems in the industry. Offered for single, double and triple fold capability we literally “re-engineer” your existing label press to become a converting powerhouse.

We can also engineer a custom Telstar Sliding Outrigger RailSM  option on many presses to shift the system away and off-line when not in use.


Ask Telstar how to re-engineer your press with performance enhancing upgrades....