No Stopping - Level on the Fly!


Pressure adjustments go 'ladderless' on Telstar's new multi-purpose rotary hot stamp station.

The best solutions often come because we think like press operators. Telstar has engineered a new way to avoid the awkward job of needing to climb above the press to reach over and make critical pressure changes. In cases where our servo driven rotary die station requires bridge or rail mounts to allow hot stamping within the print zone we now offer single-handle impression adjustments within easy reach not requiring the use of a ladder. No more reaching above and over for the front and back adjusting screws. Our front mounted hand wheel is split precise parallelism setting and uniform rotation to the final pressure amount. And, you don't have to stop production to do it.


Shown here on Telstar Engineering's in-house test press, the module offers die-cutting,

embossing and integrated unwind/rewind for laminating and electrically heated hot stamping. Full foil rolls are held parallel with outboard support arms. Telstar's own Servo system plus PLC controlled temperature support quality control by press operators.

Ready to bridge or rail mount on virtually any label printing or converting lines, the new front-operating single-handle adjustment for impression setting front-to-back means no more climbing and reaching across the press.

40" Portable Unwind Gets Pre-ship Testing at Telstar

After placing our newest portable unwind unit in line with the Telstar in-house test press, our customer ran a large roll of their stock to assure quick start up following initial installation. The mobile unit rolls into position where outboard leveling screws keep it in place. Lateral adjustment of plus – minus one inch is built into the frame. CadToGoTM Onsite Engineering performed as part of the system design process provides critical data that contributes to keeping installation downtime at a minimum.

Heine Sorensen, Telstar’s Senior Tech completes the final tuning parameters on this 40” diameter driven unwind stand prior to shipping. Heine accompanies most of our installations to work with and train owners and press operators to minimize production downtime.


This Portable Unwind unit can be used as a primary unwind to achieve longer runs or to introduce a second web to a printing / converting process with low tension requirements. Putting it to work quickly at press time is also made easy with the110V plug-in and a compressed air connection. Magpowr’s Versatech Tension Control SystemTM coupled with a vertically mounted dancer arm allowing tension settings as low as 3 pounds total. Configurations that deliver the web right-to-left as shown, or left-to-right, demonstrate Telstar's ability to “Think like a printer.”



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     we always learn how to better help printers with press performance.


     Solving Problems - We've had many opportunities to help label producers and

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     Getting Work - It's great to leave Label Expo behind facing a stack of estimates on

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