Your New Test Press is a Full-Service Finishing & Converting Press!

Telstar's OFFLINER Web Transport Platform configured as a digital production unit for variable information applications on highly proprietary jobs.


Don't slow down your money-making shop production and idle your press operators simply to test a press process or new materials. Solve those problems by finding the right solutions on your own in-house test press system. Our OFFLINER Web Transport Platform provides unwinding with closed-loop tension, steering, and rewinding a web. The web guide features a built-in splice table and the units can be constructed for webs from 7” through 20” wide. The standard speed range is up to 500FPM.


It's a Full-Service Finishing & Converting Press Too!


Keep profitable Finishing and Converting work In-House with our popular "DecoMod" Multi-Decorator

Why send work and profits to outside vendors when you can keep those jobs in-house and make the most out of your production staff's time and talent?

The Telstar's Multi-Decorator with chill drum can be designed to produce both hot and cold foil, laminating, spot color and flood coating. This is probably our most versatile retrofit unit so we can also engineer it to be changed out for even temporary installation on your parent press. Then put it back on your OFFLINER to test new jobs and materials to win new customers.


Add Flexo, Interprint Die, and Rotary Screen ...

Our servo-driven Telstar Flexo printer is configured with hot air drying and the ability to print either front side or back side with the flip of a switch. Features include enclosed chamber inking, auto throw-off, and Sunday drive at press stops. The unit can be engineered to serve on your OFFLINER or be added to nearly any press or converting line.

Telstar’s Servo-Driven, Interprint Die station with Auto Register and Integrated Unwind/Rewind can be bridge or rail mounted on nearly any press. The Parent machine's die station dimensions are matched for tooling exchanges. Become an in-house converter!

This OFFLINER has been configured with Telstar’s UV Rotary Screen Unit that is servo driven with re-register capability. Screens from Gallus, Kocher-Beck and Stork can be used and repeat ranges through 32.5” are available. Telstar can design it to move from performing offline converting and decorating to serving as a retrofit to your parent press. And it can be returned to the OFFLINER as needed for other finishing and testing projects.


Telstar's OFFLINER Web Transport Platform Is Your Private Finishing Press, Converting Press and R&D Test Press in One Powerful System ...