3 Ways to Start Custom Converting


Telstar Engineering can help you earn those valuable Custom Converting jobs with unique solutions for virtually any label printing operation. Start here ...


First: Start with your existing new or veteran press equipment. Did you know we offer retrofits that will turn your printing machine into a converting and product manufacturing powerhouse?

We engineered this hard working MA 4120 to perform multi-web production of a proprietary product. A Telstar 40” diameter Unwind Stand with closed-loop tension and web steering introduces an auxiliary web to the process through our Half-Turn Bar on the second deck of the Bridge Assembly. A Custom Dryer Package cures unique chemistry that's stabilized with a Chill Drum. The process also required back and forth web printing before and after the multi-web construction was created.


Second: Our highly versatile OFFLINER Web Transport Platform supports a multitude of our Custom Retrofit Units keeping your presses free for standard production and serves as a means of Unwinding with Closed-Loop Tension, Steering, and Rewinding a web.  The installation of our Multi-Decorator unit offers Hot or Cold Foil, Laminating, Spot Color, and Flood Coat options.

Perform variable information application on proprietary jobs. It can be constructed for webs from 7” through 20”wide. The web guide includes a built-in Splice Table. The standard speed range is to 500 FPM. Custom lengths and configurations are at your demand and command to give you instant converting capabilities and to market to new and existing customers. Don't send it out. Keep the profits. Do your own Finishing right in your own shop!


Third: Build your own from the ground up for those lucrative, major contract converting projects. We design and engineer highly sophisticated systems that even allow the addition of future capabilities as your reputation as a quality converting provider grows. The press shown below we affectionately call “Big Red” was ordered, engineered, and installed working closely with a customer who required uninterrupted production of high-demand products. It has been performing as expected for over three years and is configured to add other decorating and converting processes as needed.

So check out website to see some of the unique equipment we have developed for everything from Ballot Finishing, Thin Film, Thick and Sticky Applications, Rotary Screen and Die Cutting, Electronics Printing, Laminating, Credit and Gift Cards, Adhesive Applications, unique Wine Label Effects, and our exclusive Hot-Melt and Pattern Slot Production.


Feel confident in sharing your converting goals with us. We honor your proprietary plans and those of your potential customers with well guarded confidentiality agreements. Call us today with your ideas on becoming a respected and sought-after provider of specialty converting projects.


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