Hoist Up Your Sales

Keep your business on course to a profitable port by making more time on your press for production. We can give your crew a lift by installing a Telstar Engineering Custom Hoist to speed up changeovers. Puts extra time on your press and less stress on your shop experts so they can concentrate on critical production performance issues. Most of our custom engineered converting machines now include a hoist for

these very reasons. Telstar can help you find a way to include this smart upgrade to your work environment.

We custom design die hoists and roll lifts with the correct attachment hardware to exceed the maximum requirements of your heavy lifting tasks. Designed, engineered and installed for both efficiency and safety, a Telstar Custom Hoist on your press can reduce downtime allowing your press personnel to concentrate on production quality management.

Our Custom Converting Press laminates, re-registers die-cut pre-printed sheets and features an operator-friendly tool-changing hoist to expedite production.

The integrated roll lift on Telstar’s 24” roll-to-sheet off-line, portable rotary die cutter adds to other performance features like ServoDrive, re-registration, splice table, in-feed nip, matrix rewind, and delivery table.

Telstar Goes Wide!

Two recent installations demonstrate Telstar's ability to custom engineer for mid-wide press retrofits. When winding and Unwinding heavy materials or thin films we can upgrade your equipment with the right unit for the job.

Telstar President and Chief Engineer, Tom Kirtz, gives a final check on two recent custom mid-web winders prior to delivery. Telstar has manufactured heavy duty winding equipment for rolls up to 40” wide and encourages you to discuss your project needs to improve your press performance.