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Servo for Profits, Customer Conveyor Install, and Our Biggest Custom Converting Press Goes Online


Let Telstar ServoGenius Do The Thinking

Yes, your mechanically driven veteran press can decorate, die-cut, perform sheeting on pre-printed webs with the experienced installation of our Telstar ServoGenius System. This valuable addition puts auto and re-register capability at your command. It's a compact package with huge results.

Servo Genius Registration System Features Include -

  • Registers the Tool without Needing To Pull the Web Putting Pressure on the Material
  • Command to Run In Registration Mode for Reading Correct Tool Position on Each Incoming Mark
  • Choose Ratio Mode to Make the Tool run Faster/Slower than Actual Web Velocity Incoming Mark
  • Operate In Auto-Ratio Mode to Analyze Previous Register Marks, How Registration Was Maintained, and Then Auto-Adjust the Drive Ratio For Near-Zero Error
  • “Window-In” On Registration Marks and Ignore All Else In Busy Field
  • Screens Are Available For Home, Set-Up Maintenance and Diagnostics



A Typical Telstar ServoGenius System

Installation on a Veteran Aquaflex Press

The Final Die Station of this 18” Aquaflex press was converted to Servo Drive providing Auto-Registration and Re-Registration Capability on digitally printed webs.


Call to learn how easy it can be to make your production processes so much easier.


Efficiency Starts at the End of the Line

When the job is finished there is still so much work to be done … time consuming, often slow, work by hand. Telstar Custom Conveyors come to the rescue of your shop crew and bottom line. This Shingling Conveyor was specifically designed and built for installation at the business end of a Mark Andy P Series press. Imagine the time savings it produces for your valuable press operators to do more important tasks. Here's how it happens …


Telstar Job-Smart ConveyorTM -

Features a PLC Control System

Includes Color Touch-Screen HMI

Communicates with the Parent Press

Monitors System Readiness

Has press & Conveyor Safety Shutdown

System Width Matches Parent Press

Upper Conveyor Features -

Upper Conveyor in Manual & Automatic Modes

Follows the Press Speed Up to 400 FPM

Lower Conveyor Features -

Manual Lower Conveyor Speed Sets the Shingle Amount

Spike Action Sets Pre-determined Counts

Order In 6', 8', or 10' Lengths

Optional Static Bar Available


If you are concerned about shop space for upgrading with a Telstar Job-Smart Conveyor call Tom Kirtz now to explore the possibilities of adding more profits to your bottom line with better materials management at the end of the line.


Final Installation & Training for our Largest Ever Custom

Converting Line is a Stellar Way to Start the New Year

If a picture is worth a thousand words this 50+ foot-long custom converting press we delivered just this past December is now in its final stages of installation, testing, and operator training by Telstar Technicians. You can bet there will be some new profits in the owner's wallet this year!

While its purpose is proprietary we can list a few of the features and capabilities that make this custom press able to produce a unique, high-demand product. The press chassis supports a 40” diameter roll capacity, roll lift, closed-loop tension, splice table, ServoGenius infeed-nip, UV flexo both front and back, digital integration, adhesive application, liner laminates, chilling and finally die-cutting followed by shingling the finished product.