Telstar Engineering is Your  Label Press "App" Master


In our 26+ years as your “Press Performance Specialists®” we have designed, engineered, and installed custom retrofit systems for virtually every label press brand. We breathe new life and profit making potential into both veteran and new label press systems by working closely with our clients and paying close attention to their specific job and production requirements. We apply our CadToGo Onsite Engineering service from concept to installation to assure minimal downtime of your crew and equipment. You can explore a wide range of our installations on our website so you can download and print tech-sheets describing these unique applications. Just visit and browse the categories listed here. We are sure you will find a way to bring exciting new capabilities to your customers and added profits to your bottom line.

Cast & Cure

Let us show you where Cast & Cure holographic pattern application will work on your press. The eye-dazzzling effects created by this technology have made it a must-see for serious label producers.

Cold Foil

We offer Cold Foil retrofit apps from 4” to 28” wide with the correct Unwind/Rewind technology for the job. Our retrofit units fit anywhere on your press; inline, bridge mounted, on rails, or go offline as a converting standalone.


The simple addition of a Telstar shingling, stacking, collating and counting conveyor at the end of the line can save operator money you can put on your bottom line.

DecoModTM Multi-Decorator

Adding a Telstar DecoModTMto your existing label press is like converting it into a Converting Press! Servo-drive Flexo, Unwind/Rewind, Nip, Strip, plus UV … All-In-One Constructions!

Digital Add-On Installations

Yes, we can make sure the label production web press can perform digital printing functions with the right engineering and custom hybrid installation. Inline or offline, call us today.


Let us show you where Cast & Cure holographic pattern application will work on your press. The eye-dazzzling effects created by this technology have made it a must-see for serious label producers.

Hot Foil Stamping

We lead the field in Hot Foil Stamping apps with electric or oil heated 7” to 20” wide systems using brass and magnetic die recipes on our digital touch-screen controls. Mounts anywhere.

Hot Melt & Pattern Slot

Produce pill cards, linerless labels, wrist bands, forms, adhesive patterns, and more with our exclusive retrofits custom installed on your existing press or as a stand-alone.


Our simple Mechanical Nip Assembly can be mounted anywhere a laminating, sensitive coating, or creasing nip is needed. The rubber roller durometer is selected based on the application.


Telstar plow fold units for booklet & expanded content coupons are available for single, double, and triple folds. This is another leadership niche due to its depth in engineering and installation on many press brands.

Rewinds & Unwind

Find you right solution for your press in our 20 app tech sheets on our web site. Multi-lane, closed loop tension, laminating, matrix, left/right, splice table, silencer, portables, – just start here …

Rotary Die

Our Servo-Driven Interprint Die Stations offer Auto Register & Integrated Unwind/Rewind for bridge or rail mounting on nearly any press and work to match the parent press dimensions for tool exchange.

Rotary Screen

No other press manufacturer offers the depth of features and cap abilities for applying rotary screen on your press. Check our UV or LED curing, servo driven units plus our screen support equipment.

Servo Retrofits

Put Telstar's Servo GeniusTM to work on your mechanical press to improved efficiency while allowing press operators to do more important work. Call us to discuss your specific production needs.


One of our most popular economical retrofits, we build and install turnbars with features like half or full turnbars, loop-over, two-layer web, air-assist, de-lam & re-lam, and more!

Full Frame Converting Presses

All-Of-The-Above can be used to build a full-frame converting press system for those high-paying production contracts. Bring your imagination to our Custom Converting Press site.

Offliner Compact Web Transport Platform for

In-house Converting Support

Do your own finishing like Rotary Screen, Interprint Die, and Flexo with Telstar’s OFFLINERTM Web Transport Platform. Features like Unwinding with Closed-Loop Tension, Steering, and Rewinding a web. Can be constructed for webs from 7” through 20”wide.

There is still time before the end of the year to add custom engineered retrofit decorating units, servo upgrades, and press ancillaries to your shop to make it work harder and smarter. Contact your tax accounting specialist to see where you stand on this important financial opportunity. Then contact us!