50 Feet of Work-In-Progress!

Our Work-In-Progress at Telstar includes another custom designed and engineered converting press occupying a long section of our manufacturing facility. While we can't tell you details about the customer or the specific products this press will produce (we maintain strict confidentiality on client projects) we can talk about the multitude of decisions made with the customer to achieve their profit goals. It demonstrates how our press building and retrofitting experience can help you achieve the growth and profit results you seek for your business.



One Big Job with Hundreds of Decisions......Then More Decisions!


Every press operator knows one little tweak can require a host of more adjustments and changes to settings. Even the installation of a single retrofit unit like a Cold Foil, Hot Stamp, or other decorating retrofit system on an existing press requires a complete understanding of the parent press capabilities.

Our custom engineered, full-frame converting press is successfully increasing profits for a satisfied printer.


There were literally hundreds of decisions made to achieve the demanding specifications on the press pictured above. To accomplish production goals we equipped this system with an operator friendly management screen automatically linked to each press station as it moves along the press rail mount. Adjustments are made quickly by the trained operator from the touch screen continuously monitoring the individual units.


Telstar Servo Genius Works for You...

Telstar Servo Genius extends the life and dramatically improves Press Performance.


The power of Telstar's Servo Genius driven technology can turn your existing press into a converting powerhouse. Add custom converting retrofit units to fulfill a wide range of fresh customer demands. As the industry leader in applying servo controls for mechanical press management, Telstar continues to refine and discover new ways to improve this critically competitive production component. Now you can keep pace with the competition by offering digital finishing plus register/re-register and more! It is our objective to build equipment designed to expand your creative options while providing consistent results. Develop new markets and increased profit opportunities with the latest technological breakthroughs from Telstar Engineering. Before purchasing a new $300,000 digital finishing press you should contact us to learn the amazing powers hidden within your existing equipment.


What decisions can you make that will help your company grow and earn greater profits?