Use Telstar's Test Press to Maximize Your Printing Efficiency


Before you burn valuable press time getting your customer's critical label job up to speed, get a head start with our in-house Narrow Web Test Press. Eliminate downtime and scrap rates. Utilize your press room personnel for their highest and wisest applications and skills. Get the job done quickly so you can move on to the next profit-making project.

Our test press is available on an hourly basis and includes our expert technician so you can assure your materials, inks, varnishes, adhesives, settings, registrations, and speeds are to your specifications. Use it to test new processes and ideas.



Get Complete Access To:


Telstar's Exclusive DecoMod Multi-Purpose UV Flexo Station - The integrated Unwind, Rewind, Nip, and UV curing allows us to test Cold Foil, Cast and Cure, UV Lamination, Spot and Flood Coating. Test it here then add it to your marketing arsenal.


Hot Foil Stamping - Test various substrate combinations to dial in the desired results and process speeds.


Rotary Die Cutting - Our Servo-Driven Rotary Die Station is configured with conventional tooling and also Telstar’s Hot Stamp System. The Hot Stamp System provides testing of various foils on substrates and also heat sealing and heat lamination.  An integrated Unwind and Rewind manages the film/foil.


Laminating - Test your substrates for speed and appearance.


Rotary Screen Testing - Telstar’s UV Rotary Screen Printer will mount any manufacturer’s rotary screen material for testing of tactile varnishes, adhesives, primers, slurries, medical creams as well as conventional UV screen inks.


Flexo - We build compact, Servo-Driven Flexo retrofits for either right-to-left or left-to-right operation. They feature enclosed chamber inking, Sunday drive to print UV or aqueous products. Test some of your potential Flexo capabilities on our Test Press DecoMod.


Narrow Ribbon - We even have a Multi-Lane Unwind ideal for supplying narrow ribbons of magnetic stripe, foil, or reinforcement tape.



Specs & Features to Help You Plan Your Test Press Run


Telstar’s Servo Infeed-Nip provides precise, constant tension from 4 to 60 pounds.  This isolates the unwind tension creating a controlled process zone minimizing waste while contributing to re-registration accuracy.


The Unwind Stand with built-in Roll Lift is capable of rolls to 13” wide and up to 40” diameter. Both 3” and 6” diameter airshafts are available. The Closed-Loop Tension System is configured with selectable multi-caliper brake and will hold constant tension settings between 6 pounds and 60 pounds. A built-in Splice Table allows precision splices.


The Web Guide has the ability to sense opaque, clear, and non-woven webs.


A Contact Web Cleaner is positioned at the upper right corner of the Unwind Stand and is used when a clean web is required for testing.


The Rewind Station winds to 30” diameter.


Test speeds are from 6 FPM 350 FPM and beyond depending on your job specs.


All units are Telstar Servo-Genius driven with Re-Register capability.


This is the press we use to perform proof-testing on our most challenging retrofit installations prior to shipping.

Testing Telstar's exclusive Pattern Hot Melt printer prior to shipping


While visiting Telstar Engineering for your On-Press Test you will also have the opportunity to see how our custom retrofit units can be applied on your existing press to meet new business goals. You will be surprised how versatile even the most veteran press can be. We welcome inquiries about this unique industry service. Call Tom Kirtz, Telstar's founder and chief engineer to get the most out of the hard work you and your employees do.