Mechanical Press Automation Made Easy


IThe power of Telstar's Servo Genius driven technology can turn your existing press into a production powerhouse. Now you can add custom converting machines to your shop to fulfill a wide range of customer demands. As an industry leader in the application of servo controls for label press management, Telstar continues to refine this critically competitive production component.

Be First at the Finish with New Converting Capabilities


Telstar extends the life & improves press performance with Custom Configured Servo Systems. Now you can keep pace with the competition by offering Digital Finishing plus Register/Re-Register and more!


Telstar's Exclusive "Servo Genius" Registration Control Is

The Ultimate in Providing Auto & Re-Register and More!

Commands Include:


Running in Registration Mode reading and correcting the tool position for each incoming  mark.


Operating in Ratio Mode to make the tool run faster or slower than the web velocity's incoming mark.


Running in Auto Ratio Mode with the system looking back at a number of register marks, analyzing what it had to do to maintain register, and then automatically adjusts the drive ratio to achieve a near zero error with each mark.

The system can "window" in on a registration mark and ignore everything else in a busy field. Screens are available for home, setup, maintenance, and diagnostics. Now your "veteran" press can decorate, die-cut, or perform sheeting on pre-printed webs!


The many Servo Retrofit installations we have performed bringing veteran mechanical presses up-to-date with digital automation provide great examples of this smart application. Before purchasing a new digital finishing press contact us to learn what powers are hidden within your existing equipment.


Mark Andy 2200 Servo Conversion

Aquaflex Press Servo Conversion

The Final Die Station of the 18" Aquaflex press was converted to Servo Drive providing Auto and Re-Registration Capability on digitally printed webs.


Webtron 750 Servo Conversion