Telstar Celebrates its 25th Anniversary!

Where did those 25 years go!


n February of 1992 I was unemployed and had just applied for an engineering job at a major corporation. I didn't get the job, but I did get a project from a printer wanting to add rotary screen printing capability on an older press so I took on the task while continuing to seek employment. A couple more of these customization projects came up and I formed Telstar Engineering as a small business still intending to get “steady” employment. Within six months the company that turned me down as a staff engineer hired my company (basically, me) to build a $300,000 + converting press. Now the only jobs I seek are those designing, engineering and manufacturing label press retrofit units and full frame converting presses for our great list of clients.


I am deeply grateful for the work we've been given and the support and referrals we've earned. Our suppliers are more than simply vendors. We teach and learn from one another as we do with our customers. After all this time it's even more exciting getting a new project and facing difficult challenges. Each morning when I drive to our manufacturing plant on Cliff Road in Burnsville, Minnesota, I get a little smile on my face because our street name always reminds me, “Sometimes you just have to take a chance and jump off the cliff!” I'm so glad I did.


Thanks for your continued business and support,


Tom Kirtz

President and Chief Engineer

Projects We Can Talk About


Serious business owners want potential customers to know the reasons they should be coming to them for their products and services. They invest in marketing and work to maintain communications with their customers, new and old, while reaching out in search of those they've never met. Telstar is no different. We work hard to keep in touch with customers and the marketplace and have the good fortune of getting many customer referrals that turn into great press building projects. However, there is one major problem to overcome … Secrecy!



Silence Is Golden


Yes, secrecy has become a major factor in maintaining good, long-standing relationships with most customers. As custom retrofit and converting press engineers and manufacturers we understand the importance, the absolute requirement, of maintaining the privacy of proprietary customer information. We honor this in our up-front contracts and agreements. This extends to contracting time on our in-house test press to research materials and techniques requested by print customers. Any time we want to promote a project we are working on we seek the customer's permission.



Let's Not Get Specific

Many of the custom machines we design and build here at Telstar Engineering can be shown on our website, in our monthly newsletter, or even in publicity releases as long as we don't talk about the job particulars or even the name of our customer. Often that customer has printing clients who also insist on tight control of information creating another layer of privacy that must be kept. That's okay with us. In fact we believe it says something good about Telstar that companies come to us feeling comfortable sharing information and ideas openly.



When & How We Can Talk About a Project


While this successful Hot Melt Pattern Print System is a Telstar exclusive, strict confidentiality agreements precluded revealing job details. However, this pre-installation set up was not a problem. We were happy to be allowed to reveal how the customer shipped a great deal of their supportive equipment so the new retrofit system would run properly when added to the parent press.

What We Can Talk About When We Can't Talk About a Project


The chassis for our latest converting press, painted to customer specs, is being assembled on our manufacturing plant floor. Here's what we can tell you about this job: At almost 36 feet in length the final converting system will have 3 Telstar custom print units plus re-register die cutting controlled by our Servo Module Management systems.

That's about it. We can't and won't tell you what the system is designed to print or make. You won't learn who the customer is or who their customers are. However, it's enough to know Telstar Engineering can do this kind of work for your company with the same degree of serious propriety you demand. This privacy starts with your first call to us describing a project you want to increase your label press and converting capabilities.


Contact us with your projects and ideas when planning to invest in improving and expanding your press performance. You will know a lot more about your project's potential for success and your plans an projects will be our best kept secret.