Isn't it time to do yourself a favor and take some time to unwind? Telstar specializes in engineering, manufacturing and installing customized retrofit equipment for virtually every brand of label press. This includes our wide range of Unwind Units designed for highly accurate tension control and ease of operator use. Our CadToGo onsite engineering insures minimal installation downtime. We have produced both Unwind and Rewind systems along with combination Unwind/Rewind units for the most challenging applications. These are just a few examples of our work for serious printers looking to improve press performance and overall shop efficiencies.


40" Diameter Unwinds with Half-Turn Bars

Two Telstar Unwind Stands supply laminates to the parent web and include a Roll Lift, Splice Table, Closed-Loop Tension, Web Transport Bridge, and Half-Turn Bars


Closed-Loop Unwind Tension

The Pressure Gauge is located for quick, easy reading.

Our Closed-Loop Unwind Tension unit is the ideal solution for supplying thin film laminates and secondary webs with precisely controlled tension values.


Multi-Lane Unwind

Individually tensioned lanes make this Unwind ideal for supplying narrow ribbons of magnetic stripe, foil, or reinforcement tape.


Compact Unwind

This unit can be mounted almost anywhere an auxiliary unwind is needed. It can even be mounted through the wall of a press and is ideal for adding an underside laminate or secondary web. A pneumatic brake provides tension which is manually set through a regulator and gauge.


Portable Unwind Features a Splice Table & Closed-Loop Tension

Handling rolls to 24” diameter, it unwinds in either direction and the web can leave to the left or to the right with no changes to the unit. The Splice Table has Pneumatic Clamps and a Razor Slot. Multiple Brake Calipers can be switched on/off for rolls from 4” wide to full width.


Unwind Laminate Silencer

We reduce shop environment noise substantially with our Unwind unit Silencer Arm for Self-Wound Laminate Rolls. This unit includes an Outboard Supported Airshaft and a Multi-Caliper Pneumatic Brake for a broad range of roll diameters and widths.


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