Telstar Does Digital-to-Web Integration


Telstar's Latest Full-Frame Converting Press

Features 4 Color Variable Information Digital Printing


Successful pre-ship testing of a Telstar engineered and manufactured converting press included this dual Atlantic Zeiser modular digital print system provided by the customer. These Drop-On-Demand units will be used to personalize information, add customer logos and other variable information to the product as they are being produced. These specific digital print units contain eight print head modules for four color process printing with speeds up to 305 FPM. Ink control cabinets mount conveniently behind the press. The units are capable of printing UV curable, water-based, or oil based inks. UV inks are cured by a compact, self-contained, air cooled LED lamp.

Our digital installations work seamlessly while partnering with other Telstar custom production units. Engineered to plug and play where it's needed, when it's needed.




As you can see from the following examples, Telstar press design expertise and capabilities can bring digital technology to virtually any brand of label equipment you are running... new or legacy equipment!



Telstar Finishes Digitally Printed Ballots and Forms


The growing popularity of early voting has increased the need for variable information production capabilities among printers gaining profits from this demanding market. Political elections are joined by union, corporate, and institutional ballot needs where short-run quantities are required. Forms production is another area garnering steady business. This custom manufactured finishing module is placed in-line with a Kodak digital printer and processes forms at up to 406 FPM. A festoon acts as a buffer and controls the speed of the Telstar unit. The servo die station runs magnetic cylinders with repeats to 30.5”. Products are shingled on an 8’ conveyor. Scrap is evacuated and chopped and sent to an outdoor dumpster. A built-in die hoist facilitates tool changes.

Telstar's 13 Inch Digital Finishing Press


This custom manufactured press adds cold foil, cast & cure holographics, or varnish to digitally printed thin film candy wrappers. The web of wrappers is slit into multiple lanes and rewound on the dual spindle rewind.

Digital Ink Jet on an Aquaflex


Telstar designed and mechanically integrated, and installed this Digital Ink Jet with UV on an already hard working 18” Aquaflex press.

Digital Ink Jet Integration on a Nilpeter FB


Telstar provided the mechanical integration of digital ink jet printing on the customer's Nilpeter FB press. It produces lottery tickets and game pieces, another growing source of business for printers embracing retrofit technologies.

Offliner Web Transport Platform with Digital Ink Jet Printing


Telstar introduced its Offliner Web Transport Platform 7+ years ago at LabelExpo to support a pioneering digital retrofit unit with closed-loop tension unwinding, rewinding, and web steering. These units can be constructed for webs from 7” through 20”wide and the base can be extended to allow multiple process production. This Offliner is configured with CMYK UV inkjet for short-run digital printing. Nearly any type of ink jet equipment can be installed. Curing options include UV, LED, IR, and impinged air. An Offliner gives you Converting capabilities when you need it and Retrofits your entire shop press equipment without slowing down production.

We are ready to help you with the incorporation of digital technology as a marketable tool for your business. Contact us to discuss unlocking new profitability potential.