Add Telstar Custom Conveyors to Stack,

Collate, Count, and Collect Projects & Profits


Staying ahead of your production schedule can reduce your costs while opening up more time for new jobs and increased production. Put a Telstar custom Conveyor System at the business end of your press. Make jobs ready for delivery faster by increasing press time efficiencies. Press operators will use their time keeping your entire production system at peak performance. Here are just a few ways to pile up added profits now and for years to come.


Telstar's Shingle Conveyor for Small Parts Collection

Telstar's Shingle Conveyor can be configured to match-up with nearly any label press. Belts can be either solid or multiple strips. The upper conveyor can be driven from the press or by its own independent drive. The small diameter gripping rollers on the nose of the upper conveyor allow the die to get in close to manage small cut parts. The lower conveyor provides variable speed and the length per customer specifications.


Easily Add Our Up-Stacking Conveyor

Independently driven and designed to match-up with nearly any label press sheeter die station. It's ideal for products that will not easily shingle or where the operator can run continuously and retrieve finished product off the top of the stack.


Install Conveyors for Batching

This application is running heavily embossed 18” long sheets at 160 fpm. They are collected in stacks of 50. The acceleration conveyor runs 30% over press speed sending sheets to channeled edge supports. These are actuated when sheets reach the end of the collection box, dropping the sheets into a vertical stack. Upon reaching the sheet count the bottom of the collection box opens up dropping the stack onto a slow-moving take-away conveyor. The stacks are palletized by a press helper for further processing.


Telstar Touch-Screen Controls Our Shingle Conveyor

This Telstar Shingle Conveyor Assembly features our PLC Control System with a Color Touch Screen HMI. The PLC performs communication with the parent machine to monitor system readiness and safety shut-down of the press and conveyor if a guard is removed or a jam occurs. The upper conveyor can be operated in either manual mode or set to automatically follow the speed of the press up to 400 fpm. The lower conveyor's speed is set manually to establish the desired amount of shingling. The system width matches the parent press and the lower conveyor can be ordered at 6', 8', or 10' lengths. Static bars can be added as an option.


Telstar Adds a Vacuum Roller on a Custom Conveyor

When die-cut sheets would not shingle we engineered gripping and also turned the sheets upside-down with a vacuum roller. They are then deposited in a vertical stack on an exit conveyor. The exit conveyor indexes at a pre-determined count.


Shingling Conveyor Fits on Any Label Press

This Telstar Shingle Conveyor Assembly is another one with our PLC control system with color touch-screen HMI.


Telstar Conveyors at the End of the Line Can Improve Your Bottom Line


Reduce waste and manual labor costs with a Telstar Custom Conveyor installation to manage sheeting, cookie-cutting, and more unique products exiting the station. Get precise electric-eye automatic counts. Product viewing on a long collection bed helps assure visual quality control by your operator. Call us today at 952-890-9440 to learn more about how your business can benefit from these power performance boosters.


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