Turn Tag Stock Into a New Profit Center

With a Super-Sized Telstar Turn-Bar

Here's a great example of how your press equipment can perform new duties to give you another source of revenue performance. We custom engineered and manufactured this Air-Assisted Turn-Bar Assembly for our customer's 13” wide converting press. Lateral adjustments are easily accessible and the pressure gauge is located for quick reading. The unit handles 16 point tag stock with 4” diameter Air-Assist Bars. Designed to assure minimal downtime at initial installation this Turn-Bar system mounts where needed on most press brands so it can be moved from one press to another in a short time. Our CadToGo On-Site Engineering Service takes your specific applications and performance requirements into consideration on all of our retrofit systems. We are a USA manufacturer dedicated to clean, durable, precision construction.

Tom Kirtz, Telstar President and Chief Engineer, displays the company's new Air-Assisted Turn-Bar Assembly for 16 point tag stock. Its compact footprint (just 34” W x 14” D x 36” H) allows fast installation on most press brands.

The Pressure Gauge is located for quick, easy reading.

Precision manufactured 4” Air-Assist Bars Handle 16 Point Tag Stock.

Label It Trending

It's good to read about our industry. We found some great articles we found interesting for label printers and converters heading into the new year.


Here are a few from Labels & Labeling Magazine's 2017 Yearbook and Directory …


“Package Printing Is Here To Stay” - This article featured on page 25 provides a concise look at where the package printing business is heading in areas such as QR codes, Nanography, UV LED, inkjet, mid-web CI flexo, eco and more.


“North American Label Industry Shows Strong Growth” - It's just a smart read for serious label and packaging printers looking to take advantage of the industry upswing.



Also see these in the L&L Volume #38 – Issue #6 – Dec 2016/Jan 2017 …


“Breakthrough Rotary Die Cutter Launched” - It may not be our unit but this article on page 50 confirms the viability and potential profit opportunities you can achieve by adding this kind of capability to your press. We have been custom designing and manufacturing rotary die systems for virtually any press brand for over 20 years.


“Choosing the Right Anilox” - Also in this issue on page 65 and 67 get completely teched-out with a highly detailed account of how you can maximize your flexo printing.


Read more at labelsandlabeling.com




Happy New Year from all of us at Telstar Engineering