Label Expo 2016

Serious Printers Focus on Saving While Growing

More than any other Label Expo we've participated in, 2016 proved to be an encouraging success. Our Telstar Booth attracted some of the most serious and visionary printers who arrived with very specific questions about improving the power of their existing press equipment. Of course, this is exactly what we do … we “Pimp Your Press” for greater production performance.


The most popular upgrades included our Single, Double, and Triple Plowfolders for those complex multi-page booklet labels demanded by ever increasing information labeling requirements. Our exclusive servo driven DecoMod Flexo Multi-Decorating System with Unwind/Rewind plus Nip/Strip and UV for all-in-one constructions was another hit.


Of course there were serious discussions about our ability to engineer various brands of Digital Print Heads on veteran presses and this often led to Mechanical Press Upgrades with our Telstar Servo installations. Cast & Cure along with Cold and Hot Foil applications are in demand and our exclusive Hot Melt Pattern Printers for producing pill cards, linerless labels, wrist bands, forms and more all received concentrated attention. Rotary Die and Screen remain strong retrofits at Telstar.


Printers who visited Telstar at booth 3816 came with a purpose, armed with very specific press performance requests and a serious vision for the future of their businesses. The net-net is Label Expo 2016 was a great show indicating a strong future for the industry and for us.

Work In Progress at Telstar Engineering

We returned to finish engineering and building two large rotary die stations designed for a customer's Sanden web offset press.

Nice Seeing You At Label Expo

Call us on how Telstar Engineering's line-up of time-tested Press Performance Retrofits can work on your press to add to your competitive edge and bottom line. Let us show you how our exclusive CadToGo® On-Site Engineering assures swift retrofit installation for minimal downtime. Bring us your most challenging technical issues like where to install press add-ons where there seems to be no room!


• Turn Your Mechanical Press Into a ServoGenius®


• With Performance Upgrade Ideas For Your New and Veteran Presses


• Do Digital Finishing In-House Without A Huge Investment


• Yes, Your Press Can Become a Converting Power Producer with Telstar Retrofits


• Perform Business-Building Decoration On Your Existing Press Equipment


Let's get right to the issues and opportunities you want to focus on. Make some notes to bring along. You may even want to take some digital photos of your press so we can explore ideas together. Job details are always helpful and we promise a highly proprietary discussion to insure your plans and ideas remain your plans and ideas. Send us an email prior to the show so we can get a head start on your dream machine!


You Already Have a "Digital" Press,You May Just Not Know It.


With the growing emphasis on digital technology in the label printing industry, We would like to remind you about the hidden digital potential of your existing press equipment. Yes, your veteran label press has digital printing capabilities when outfitted with the proper systems by the pioneer leader in retrofit upgrades, Telstar Engineering.

Starting in 2010 we introduced our Offliner® Web Transport Platform bringing affordable digital finishing capabilities to printers concerned about uncertain, expensive investments in unproven technologies. Telstar’s “Offliner” Web Transport Platform includes unwinding with closed-loop tension, steering, and rewinding for webs from 7” through 20”wide and driven by our own ServoGenius® system. The chassis can be extended to allow for multiple processes.


Digital Printing Solutions Technology print head is incorporated on an eighteen inch Aquaflex press replacing an ion deposition system. This success demonstrated the value this exciting new technology would have for companies looking to offer digital products while taking a conservative financial approach to the emerging market demands.


Send us your press specs and photos and let's talk about your possible digital future!