If you want ... OEE


(Overall Equipment Effectiveness)


Telstar has ... EEO


(Existing Equipment Optimization)


There is a lot of new talk in production and manufacturing about developing an accurate, reliable formula for measuring Overall Equipment Effectiveness. In our experience with dozens of serious label printer and converters these savvy business people are getting the most out of the press equipment as it presently stands in their shops. We know most presses have capabilities far beyond the jobs and projects they are being used to perform. At Telstar we turn the theory of OEE on its head with the world's largest array of press retrofit units designed to make your valuable equipment perform way beyond its original limitations and your expectations. Ask us how Telstar's Existing Equipment Optimization can also optimize your bottom line.

Telstar's Press Performance Specialists look at every aspect of your press production requirements and custom design and install to your specific needs ...



Cad-To-Go Onsite Engineering


We get a head start so you get a quick start. Our deep experience upgrading virtually every press brand along with getting to know your press and press operators assures successful outcomes.



Quick Press-to-Press Changes


We can even engineer retrofits to work on different presses in the same shop ready to re-install quickly.



Best Use of Press Room Space


We develop unit designs to maximize pressroom space with rails and overhead bridges, mezzanines, press stretches, corner turns and side-by-side set-ups.



Operator Information Access


Telstar's own Servo Systems turn your press operators into instant geniuses able to respond to press adjustments in seconds!



Optimum Running Speeds


Whether it's hot stamp, cold foil, rotary screen or die, cast & cure holographics, laminating, coating, unwind/re-wind, decorating, hot melt pattern printing or digital finishing we know how to “Pimp Your Press” for peak performance.



Efficient Unwind and Re-wind


Front or back end, inline or portable offline, Telstar is simply the best at engineering this critical component for quality press production.



Register/Re-register Control


Registration may be the single most important discipline in the printing business. It is effected by all factors from substrates, inks, adhesives, heat, speeds, the humidity of the environment, and more. We've learned to work with all of these factors to make your press work harder for you.



Mechanical-to-Servo Upgrades


Telstar's own Servo Units can often be installed to turn a veteran press into a top performer competing for new projects in new markets.



Offline Finishing Systems


Many of our customers have added our Offliner Web Transport Platform to provide finishing for projects they formerly had to outsource. This also can free up the parent press for the next big job.



Scrap Rate Management


If you are an experienced printer who has read the above points you already realize Telstar is well aware of the importance of scrap rate reduction and the great contribution it can make to your profits.



Minimal Downtime at Installation


It's all about downtime, not just during regular production schedules. We work hard to assure you minimal downtime at initial equipment installation.