Telstar Sends It's Custom Vacuum

Transport Rollers to the Rescue


Webtron 750 Production Increased Nearly 10-Fold!


Press Problem: The product being processed was 1/16” thick with die-cut shapes and stripped matrix on a 6” square card. Conventional shingling was not working as the die-cut edges of the product would catch and jam with one another.


Telstar Solution: Our design added a custom vacuum roller to the exit of the Webtron to turn the product over and drop it vertically onto the shingle conveyor. Our considerable experience with shingling conveyors and Cad-To-Go Onsite Engineering helped lead us to this answer quickly, assuring minimal press downtime at installation.

When Those 'Impossible' Parts Won't Shingle - Just Call Telstar!

This independently driven up-stacking conveyor can be designed to match-up with nearly any label presses’ sheeter die station. The unit is ideal for products that will not easily shingle or where the operator can run continuously and retrieve finished product off the top of the stack.


We are Sensitive to Sensitive Coatings


While webs with sensitive coatings cannot be transported with conventional nip roller assemblies a simple solution is a call to Telstar. That was the case with this 24” wide application where we produced both an infeed and exit vacuum transport roller creating a closed-loop tension zone for processing this unique web.

What You Need to Know About Cad-To-Go


At Telstar Engineering we’ve used the laptop computer for the past 16 years as a powerful tool to secure customer confidence when bringing fresh capabilities to their new and veteran presses. We design and manufacture custom retrofit equipment for a wide variety of applications on virtually any label press brand. Working to win more sophisticated, profitable label decorating projects is a goal of serious printers. They still need assurance there will be minimal downtime when adding our hot stamp, cast & cure holographics, cold foil, die cutting, pattern printing, rotary screen units and more. We consult with your press operators and customer engineering staff to insure smooth, timely installation and consistent ongoing production capabilities for your valuable equipment. CadToGo™ Onsite Engineering is our solution to assuring your press operates at peak performance.