Telstar Plowfolders Produce Extended

Information Labels as Narrow as 1/2 Inch!


You can achieve these remarkable results on your existing press equipment. Telstar Engineering has developed and manufactured the industry's most successful press retrofit systems for producing those complex multi-page labels now in such high demand. With more and more label warning and usage information required on consumer goods, this label category continues to grow. Marketing strategies involving coupons and brand offers are also ways these consumer-friendly labels add value for users. Details helping consumers use products correctly and safely can now be applied to even small packages and containers such as cosmetics, medications and household products.

We have installed our Plowfold units on a wide variety of presses for serious printers expanding their marketing reach. These include single, double, and triple fold systems on almost every press including Mark Andy, Nilpeter, Comco, Gallus, and Propheteer. Printers starting with a single-fold unit can have the option of stacking one, two or three in a line as expanded information labels become a business growth opportunity. We accomplish this by adding steering and creasing rollers at the end of your press plate positions. Telstar makes it a point to consider the long term advantages you can have utilizing our versatile line of retrofit systems.

Turn on the Profits with our Loop-Over Turn Bar

Many of our customers are creating instantly redeemable coupons or place one web on top of another with the addition of a Telstar Loop-Over Turn Bar. Independently mounted or clamped into a press die station, our system allows web printing of two prime labels side by side with one being de-laminated, looped over, and placed on top of the other within coupon tolerance alignment. Rotational adjustment plus our unique adjustable clamshell design for final placement of one web upon the other, makes the Telstar Turnbar a valuable retrofit opportunity at an affordable price for any new or existing press.

Shipping News

The second of two 22” wide die stations gets final inspection before leaving Telstar Engineering. Destination: Sanden press where its identical twin awaits installation and first-run by Telstar Technician.

The pre-check is complete and this Telstar Triple Plowfold is ready for shipping and installation to a customer eager to compete in this profitable, surging market.