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Retrofits & Enhancements


Anvil Assemblies

Telstar designs and manufactures Anvil Assemblies for foil stamping, embossing, and laminating processes.

Chill Drums

When webs require chilling after curing/drying to prevent stretching, adhesive flow and to set the ink add Telstar’s Stand-Alone Chill Drum.

Compensating Rollers

This easily installed Compensating Roller Unit allows repositioning one web or operation relative to another. Custom made to order based on your press width.


Telstar’s Shingle Conveyor can be configured to match up with nearly any label press. Telstar can even add a PLC control system with a color touch screen HMI.

Multi-Lane Unwind/Rewind

Our Multi-Lane Unwind supplies individually tensioned, narrow ribbons of magnetic stripe, foil, or reinforcement tape. Lanes can be spaced as close as 1” apart.


The servo nip assembly can be used to replace braked-only in-feed nip arrangements to provide precise closed-loop tension and control to the printing/converting zone.

Shear Cut, Crush-Cut, & Razor-Cut Slitters

Telstar Slitters are typically frame-mounted to a linear slide for ease of positioning the cut and are either driven from the press or independently depending upon the press configuration. Toggle switches pneumatically activate the cutters.

Servo Upgrades

Simply the best solution to those difficult re-register issues. Let Telstar's Servo Genius technology turn your existing mechanical press into a converting powerhouse. Reduce waste, save staff time and speed production.

Turn Bars

Create instantly redeemable coupons or place one web on top of another with the addition of a Telstar Turn Bar. Two Layer Web Units, Half-Turn Bars with Air Assist, Loop-Over Turn Bars and more!

Web Silencers

Silence is golden for a press operator trying to concentrate on a critical job. Our web silencer reduces the volume to enhance operator performance!

Ask About Telstar's Press Performance Consulting


We call it CadToGo Onsite Engineering because it puts everyone involved in your press upgrade on the same page and schedule when making important decisions about your specific press demands. It supports design and development issues ahead of time while streamlining manufacture and installation. Let's build a better press together...