DPST's New 4-Color Digital Print Head on Telstar Engineering's OFFLINER™ Web Transport Platform Is the Industry's Fastest Variable Printing Solution

September 2011


DPST and Telstar Engineering of Burnsville, Minnesota have joined forces to meet the growing demand for digital applications in the packaging, label, and converting industries. With its extensive history of engineering retrofits, Telstar has developed new equipment allowing DPST's unique digital print head systems to be installed offline or inline on virtually any press brand. Achieve high speed digital printing on your web press or ours. From 1" to 30" print width, black-ony, spot color, or CMYK available for use with solvent, UV, and aqueous inks you get speeds up to 246 feet per minute with 600dpi native resolution. The Turbojet 1200C features automatic print head cleaning, head capping, print alignment along with a state-of-the-art vision verification systems keep your business flexible and efficient.



The Telstar OFFLINER™ is the ideal choice to add multiple processes for wider, more profitable product lines.


While Telstar offers its OFFLINER™ along with turn key solutions to modify your existing web press to include DPST DOD Printers and Curing/Drying Solutions, the platform can be custom outfitted for a wide number of decorating and converting tasks. Because it comes complete with unwind and rewind capability integrated with re-register technology, the OFFLINER™ Platform readily supports retrofit units designed for Hot Stamping, Cold Foil, Cast & Cure, Rotary Screen, Flexo, Fold & Turn, as well as the DST Digital Equipment application shown here. Telstar Engineering can manufacture the OFFLINER™ for specific widths according to your production demands. With CAD-To-GO™ Onsite Engineering you can even transfer your Telstar retrofit units from the OFFLINER™ to inline positions on any of your existing presses, no matter what brand press.



Telstar Cast & Cure (left) and Cold Foil (right) units easily transfer from station-to-station, to other presses or to the to the OFFLINER™.








This new Telstar Hot Stamp unit with brass, aluminum and magnetic die recipes is currently our most popular press upgrade option.


Contact DPST's President, Roger Potvin at 772-794-9238 for details on the TurboJet 1200C high speed CMYK Inkjet. For detailed consultation and engineering for you press retrofit possibilities call Tom Kirtz, Telstar's President and Chief Engineer at 888-203-9677 or 952-890-9440


Telstar is an American manufacturer with facilities in Burnsville, Minnesota. See our full line of converting and press retrofit engineering and manufacturing products at www.telstareng.com


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